Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Himmah – Arimathea – Pt3 - Actions

Pt1–What they do,     Pt2–Feedback and Further Work,     Pt3-Actions

There are certainly plenty of avenues to follow from this interview.

You can donate time or money to the organisations mentioned in the interview by visiting their respective websites :

Community Fund : www.himmah.org or call 07980 407282.

Nottingham Arimathea Trust : www.nottinghamarimathea.org.uk

Notts Refugee Forum : www.nottsrefugeeforum.org.uk
(There is a LOT of information on this site about lobbying, campaigns and other activities to provide fairness for asylum seekers and refugees)

By the way, BFTF has put it’s money where it’s mouth is be setting up a small monthly standing order for the Community Fund. A standing order allows Himmah to plan ahead with some idea of what funding is coming along in the future.

Looking a little wider, there are a number of emails that could be sent out to let organisations know that their work is appreciated, or to suggest that they should get involved. You may wish to send emails similar to some of those below, the recipient is sure to be more persuaded by two emails than by one !

Email sent to Lloyds TSB thanking them for supporting NAT

Email send to local mosques suggesting that this project is something that they may wish to support, particularly as it challenges the notion (which can be found in a disturbing number of non-Muslims and in Muslims) that the Muslim community is not interested in helping the wider society. Suggested that the Nottingham Muslim Communities Facilitator may wish to raise this at the next meeting, suggested that the chairman of Nottingham Jamaat Ahle Sunnnat may wish to encourage mosques to support this project - and tell their congregations.

BFTF has already personally contacted a local mosque and asked them to support this project which they have kindly said they would.

It would be great to get a comment from you, dear reader, especially if you have been able to make a positive difference to this, or any other, project.

Update (15 Aug 2011)
Received a response from Lloyds TSB Foundation saying that it is great to hear charities funded by the Foundation are being supported by their local radio stations.

Pt1–What they do,     Pt2–Feedback and Further Work,     Pt3-Actions

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