Sunday, 31 July 2011

Woodland Trust Interview (Pt3) - Actions

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Interview
Part 3 - Actions

Although a number of actions are planned related to this interview, only a couple have actually been undertaken. These are listed below.

BFTF tries hard to be a "practice what you preach" blog and does not suggest actions that it has not already undertaken itself.

Sent an email to as many of Nottingham's Mosques as BFTF has email addresses for, suggesting that if they believe the protection of trees and woodlands is something that is important in Islam, they may wish to tell their congregations about the Woodland Trust and how they can find out where their local woods are.

Sent an email to the "Muslim Communities Facilitator" and Nottingham Jammat Ahle Sunnat suggesting that this is an area where local mosques can find common ground with wider society.

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