Friday, 4 March 2011


This is hopefully the first in a series of posts looking as examples of arguments that have thumping great big logical failings. The idea being that they will help you and me to spot instances where the wool is being pulled over our eyes. So here goes. . .

Back in 1994, Q-News published an interview of the infamously hook handed Abu Hamza al-Masri. Shagufta Yaqub was asking the questions and it is worth reporting a couple of sections:

SQ : “So Muslims should go to fight, blow up a few limbs and then come back to Britain, like yourself?”
AH : “This is what the Sahaba have done, I am telling you about the religion . . .of the messenger of God. If the Sahaba had gone to work with the Romans and clean their toilets like Muslims are doing here, they you would never had been a Muslim now. The Sahaba have taken the initiative, they took the sword, they gave the message”

SQ : “Do you feel any responsibility for contributing to the Western media stereotype of Muslims as terrorists and religious fanatics?. . . How good can that be for inviting non-Muslims to Islam?”
AH : “It is because you are defeated inside that you think this is true. Have you ever seen non-Muslims queuing to come to Islam. . .instead we have seen Muslims queuing to go out of Islam. . . If you cannot keep your Islamic identity then why are you thinking about every John or Shirley who comes to Islam every blue moon, and doesn’t stay long anyway?”

Did you spot the flip-flop there?
In he first answer Abu Hamza exols the example of those who "gave the message" and thus spread Islam.
In the second answer, he disparages efforts to spread the message and bring people towards Islam.

Source : Young British and Muslim - Philip Lewis - Continuum

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