Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Just 5 Trees (Part1) : Introduction

BFTF can remember the moment as though it was yesterday. There we were, driving along the road when Number 2 son noticed an interesting car. Instantly he said "Subaru Impreza Rally Car". This was no surprise as he seemed to know the name of just about every car on the road (although, of course, classic names such as Cortina, Cavalier, Imp and even Alfasud were not ones that he would recognise) apart from the old ones, he had never heard of a Morris Minors or a Hillman Imp…) and I suddenly thought that there was something wrong here. This youngster knows the name of every car on the road but can hardly identify a single type of tree.

So BFTF decided there and then to make sure that the youngsters had a good understanding of the different types of trees that surround us in our gardens, parks and countryside.

But this idea very quickly hit a snag - BFTF wasn't able to identify many of the trees. Oh dear, this was embarrassing !

A few days later, while browsing in a visitors centre on the Chiltern Hills, a small "Collins Gem" book entitled "Trees - How to identify the most common species" was spotted. At only 8cm x 11cm, it was ideal for carrying with in a rucksack or jacket pocket.

That book has without doubt been the best purchase BFTF has made for some considerable time and, with its aid, BFTF was able to recognise a number of different trees species.

A little later, a thought struck - perhaps the local imams might be interested in learning the names of some of the trees around us. To this end BFTF put together a "Just 5 Trees" booklet, with the idea of having an event where Imams could get together. Potential benefits were felt to be :

a) Opportunity for Imams to talk to each other in a informal setting
b) Opportunity for Imams to practice what they preach in terms of healthy living
c) Opportunity for Imams to show unity and that they can work together.
d) Opportunity for Imams to go back to their mosques and encourage people to visit parks and the countryside.

This followed on from a proposed "Imams on a Hill" project that had similar aims. What happened to these two projects is a story for a separate post, but having gone to the trouble of compiling the booklet, it seemed like a good idea to share it a little more widely.

So, gentle reader, if you have read this far, perhaps I can persuade you to read a little further by clicking on the link below. . .

Just 5 Trees (Part2) : The Trees

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