Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Response to "A letter to WH Smith"

previous post talked about sketch pads at WH Smith (not using sustainably sourced paper) and at Sainsburys (using sustainably sourced paper) and how BFTF had given some feedback (positive or negative as appropriate) to the companies concerned. Somewhat to my surprise, responses have come back from both!

Sainsburys (the good guys in this particular instance) have said:
"Thanks for your email telling us about the great experience you had while shopping with us. We love to get this kind of feedback.  It shows that our hard work is all worthwhile and I will be sharing your comments with my colleagues in our stationary buying team. We are grateful to you for taking the time to contact us and for your support of Sainsbury’s."

Hopefully, there are now some people at Sainsburys who have a nice warm feeling in their tummies! Perhaps, dear reader, you can think of a business or service that deserves thanks in some way - why not make that call.

Wheras WH Smith have commented:
"Thank you for your email of 29 January 2011, regarding the paper used in our own branded sketch pads. At WHSmith we pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we sell, so I am most concerned to learn that we have not met your expectations, on this occasion. Rest assured I will pass your feedback to our Buyer, who I am sure, will take your comments into consideration when deciding on future ranges. I am very sorry for any disappointment caused."

Well, that's a little non-committal (but at least they had the courtesy to respond - something that does not always happen). BFTF recalls an interview with Greenpeace in which they pointed out that sometimes it only takes a very few emails or letters to make a company change their policy. This is especially the case if the emails or letters have been written individially, as opposed to being part of some organised campaign. Perhaps. dear reader, you can think of a business or service that needs a nudge to move in the right direction - if so, why not take a minute out to make that call or send that (polite) email?

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